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Error: I can't get the game to work.
answer: Check that Java-plugin is installed. (Java 1.3 or above). This game is a Java-applet. To run it in your browser you have to have the Java-Runtime installed. You can download Java for Windows, Mac, Linux from java.sun.com .

Error: Nothing happens when I push link "Enter Blackjack Game".
answer: Check that you browser don't block popup windows. The game starts in a new window.

Error: The buttons inside the game are weird.
answer: Increase the screen resolution to more than 800X600. If the size of the screen is smaller than the windowframe, Java may not display the game correctly.

Error: The game slow.
answer: If you have a computer with a processor slower than Pentium 300 the game will not respond as well as it is suppose to. But you then again all new programs will run slow on a P300.

How do I refill cash in the game:
When you are out of cash you can get refilled by pressing the white button that will appear in top right corner.

How do I get on the highscore:
When you get over 100$, you get the option to cash in, and that amount will be registered on the highscore. To do that you have to press the button that will appear in the top right corner. Then you will get up a dialog where you must type in your name. When you press the "ok" button your score will be registered.

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