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Blackjack rules.

Basic rule of Blackjack is that you want to draw a hand of cards with a value up to and including 21. If you go over 21 you are BUST. Your opponent is the dealer. If the value of your hand is larger than the dealer you WIN.

Walkthrough of a Blackjack game. First the player has to put up an initial bet. When the amount of chips a player wants to bet has been placed, the dealer will "deal" out the cards. The dealer will deal out two cards to the player both face up, and two cards to the dealer, one faced down and one faced up. The player must now decide what he wants to do. If the value of the cards are very low he may choose to "hit". The dealer will now give the player an new card. If the new value of the player's cards is higher, lets say 20, he will now choose to "stay". This means the player don't want to chance to go any higher and don't want any more cards. The dealer will now turn the card in his hand that is faced down. If the value of the cards is under 17, the dealer has to draw another card. Let's say the playered say "stay" and the dealer turned his card that was faced down and then the dealers hand showed a value of 12. The dealer now has draw another card, and let's say he drew a 5-card. The dealers hand would be 17 and the players hand would be 20. Thus the player wins. The amount won is twice the amount you bet.

There are many extra rules for a Blackjack game, than what is explained in the walkthrough. And these situations are explained next.

The rules for the dealer. The dealer will draw cards until he have cards with value 17 or greater. If he draws cards with value over 21 he bust, and a player with any hand under or equal 21 will win.

Winning. When the Player win a regular hand you get a payout twice your bet. If you bet 10$, you get back 20$. Or said a little different, if you bet 10$, you get your bet of 10$ back + a prize of 10$. (Payout for Blackjack and Double, Split see under.)

Loosing. The player loose a hand by Busting, or the dealer have better cards than you, you will loose your bet.

Push. When the Dealer and the Player both have got the same value of their cards. This is called push. Nobody wins or looses, it's a tie. The Player get his bet back.

Bust. When someone hits, and with the new card the value of their hand is over 21 they are Bust. If the Player is Bust he looses, if the Dealer is Bust the player wins.

Card values. The cards 2 - 10 counts as their value. The knight, queen and king counts as the value 10. Ace counts as 1 or 11 (see under).

Ace card. The ace card can have two values, 1 or 11. The value choosen is allways what is the best for the player. If the hand is 4-A-4, this hand would be 9 or 19. If the player would choose to stay on this hand, 19 would be the most favourable and thus will count as 19. If the player would choose to hit on 4-A-4 and get a 3, this would equal a hand with value 12 or 22. In this case the player is NOT bust, because the most favourable value would be 12, so it count as 12.

Blackjack. If a player is dealt a hand with a value of 21 he has Blackjack. A card with value 10 and an Ace are Blackjack. If you have Blackjack you win 2.5 times your bet. If you bet 10$ you win 25$. Or said a little different, if you bet 10$, you get your bet of 10$ back + a prize of 15$. After you have hit and got a hand with value 21, then that is not Blackjack. It is not Blackjack if a hand is 21 after a split.

Double. After the cards have been delt out. The Player has the option to "double". The Player first has to double his stake. Then the Player is delt only one card. If the Player's hand beats the dealer's hand, the Player wins double of the stake.

Split. If the player is dealt two cards with equal value, he has the option to "split". A split is that the each of the cards first dealt is split into two hands, then one card is dealt to each of those hands. The player now plays two hands against the dealer. The player has to bet another bet equal to the initial bet when he splits. After a split, and the new hand has two equal value cards, the player can split again. After a split, the player can "hit", "stay" or double.

Insurance. After the cards have been delt and the Dealer have an Ace up, you are offered insurance. Insurance is against the Dealer having Blackjack. Insurance costs half the initial bet. If the Dealer have Blackjack the Player will break even. If not the Player will loose the Insurance and the original bet.


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